Mortgagee Misconduct Post Bankruptcy

  • By Mike Daniels
  • 08 Apr, 2017
When you file bankruptcy, one of the benefits (maybe the biggest benefit) is silence. Nobody, not your creditors, not their collection agents and not their attorneys, are permitted to hassle you. They can't call, they can't write, they can't file or finish a lawsuit! If you filed a bankruptcy and collectors are hassling you, tell your lawyer right away! This isn't legal.

But what happens if the creditors don't obey the law? We've certainly seen that banks can get away with murder. Virtually no one had to go to jail after they crashed the economy in 2008. But with bankruptcy that isn't so much the case. A bankruptcy court in North Carolina just sanctioned Nationstar Mortgage $54,000 for repeatedly calling people during their bankruptcy in an attempt to collect the debt. The unusual part of the case is that these debtors were actually current on their mortgage, and paying it in a Chapter 13 case!

Please contact your attorney if you experience debt collection after filing bankruptcy. It is a serious matter!
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