Chapter 7 VS Chapter 13

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Help With Bankruptcy

There are many different reasons that people choose to a file for bankruptcy. Studies show that most bankruptcies are the result of divorce or single parenthood, job loss or catastrophic injury. Partnering with a qualified, experienced bankruptcy attorney will help you reduce the amount of stress that comes with bankruptcy and stop the harassing creditors.

New Mexico bankruptcy law is complex. Michael Daniels is an experienced Albuquerque bankruptcy lawyer who will provide you the legal support needed to achieve a new financial start by reducing or eliminating credit card debt, medical bills, tax debt, and debt resulting from foreclosure or repossession. Call 505-246-9385 or email for a free consultation today

Bankruptcy is a process created by federal law that allows you to eliminate certain types of debt or repay your debts over time. The two types of bankruptcy filings available for consumers are:
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