Bankruptcy Scammers Exist

  • By Mike Daniels
  • 08 Apr, 2017
I just saw a post at the National Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys site saying that law enforcement is seeing a new scam. People who file bankruptcies are being called by spammers who spoof the phone numbers of their bankruptcy attorneys and high pressure the victims to wire money to them supposedly to pay some debt. Some victims are threatened with arrest if they don't pay. Apparently the bankruptcy part of it is that since bankruptcy filings (like all court filings) are public record, the scammers tell the victims personal details about their lives to make the deception more believable.

I have heard of one example of this happening in New Mexico to a colleague, so please be alert. Any clients of mine who receive calls supposedly from me instructing them to pay some debt to someone please hang up and call me directly to verify. I won't dun you to pay bills, and no bill collectors can legally threaten you with arrest or jail.
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